Filling Machine (One- Shot)

The system is computer controlled. The Touch Screen, weight control can be achieved. The contact areas of the product are CR-NI 304 stainless steel.

The units in the unit, which has a length of 625 cm, a height of 250 cm and a width of 1200 cm, are listed as follows.

Control Panel and Electrical Panel
Mold Feeding Magazine
Mold Heater
Mold Lifter
Single Depositor
Hazelnut Putting Mechanism
Granule Pourer
Mold Lifter
Double Depositor
Vibration Unit
Water tank
Hydraulic Unit
Air tank

40+40 = 80 pistons in a 2-chamber depositor, 40 pistons in a single depositor.

Capacity 450 Kg/h
Total Power 15 KW



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