Pallet Changer

Pallet Changer; A machine that can change the pallet under the product without taking the products loaded on the pallet.

Max. Product Lifting Capacity 1300 kg
Max. height of pallet with product loaded 2050 mm (Product 1900mm – Pallet 150mm)
min. product loaded pallet height 550 mm (Product 400mm – Pallet 150mm)
Pallet maximum size 1200*1200 mm
Tilting and changing operations are performed with the hydraulic system.
Pallet Holding is performed with the Pneumatic System.
Product capture process is performed with Linear Guide and Gearmotor.
With the automation panel that communicates with sensors and switches, easy use is provided with a single button.
The machine completes its cycle in 85 seconds. Machine Capacity with pallet placing (15sec) and picking (15sec) times; 31 pallets/hour
Total power; 5.5 kW
Dimensions Width:1900mm Length:3750mm Height:2750mm (Turn height 2900mm)

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